Which Industries Need IT Support Services?

Learn which industries need professional IT support services such as managed security services tailored to their industry needs.

Which Industries Need IT Support Services?

It can be difficult for law firms to manage software used for case and practice management and billing software administration. As a result, the systems and networks of any construction industry must be functioning without any technical issues. But which companies are the most vulnerable and have the most to lose in a cyber attack? Common industries that require IT support services include financial service providers, the healthcare industry, and law firms. Even if you're not in either of these industries, it's still important to be aware of the risks.

Large businesses have the resources to recover from a major outage or attack, as seen with United Airlines and Delta in recent months. They can anticipate losses and litigation, and have disaster recovery measures in place. But do you? Outsourcing your IT needs could be a good start. This can give you an idea of what a fully outsourced IT team would look like.

From there, you can decide to trust an IT company for anything from cybersecurity to hardware needs or projects. An external supplier is always beneficial for companies that use a lot of energy and resources for daily operations. Managed IT service providers cover a variety of vertical markets. Bedrock's extensive experience combines knowledge of information technology support and IT consulting services across multiple industries. In addition to keeping up with technological and cybersecurity trends, it's important to understand regulations that may be related to your business.

We will not only establish an IT infrastructure that meets your organization's specific security regulations, but we will also keep you informed whenever a regulation is changed or a new regulation is announced. Enjoy better security with our proactive and comprehensive suite of managed security services tailored to your industry needs. One of the industries where information technology degrees are in demand is finance and insurance. These industries need to keep financial and personal data organized and secure, as well as ensure their businesses are running efficiently to maximize profits. Career opportunities for IT professionals in the financial sector typically include business analysts, technical support analysts, application architects, data analysts, network administrators, and developers. Physician Offices and Healthcare Companies are perhaps the best candidates for managed IT services.

Patient information is stored digitally more than ever before, so medical centers have a duty to invest in IT services designed to protect patient data. Companies in the healthcare sector can suffer significant losses due to potential data breaches, which could expose sensitive patient data such as financial information, addresses, and even social security numbers. A data breach can also damage a medical facility's reputation, as well as lead to serious repercussions if found to violate the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA).For these reasons, most SMBs could benefit from outsourcing their IT needs to a managed service provider; however, some industries may benefit more than others by doing so. The legal sector is one such industry that has undergone a digital transformation process in recent years, requiring professional IT services.

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