What is a Management Services Company?

Management Services Organizations (MSOs) are commercial entities that provide administrative infrastructure & technology necessary for risk-taking organizations. Learn more about MSOs & how they help healthcare facilities.

What is a Management Services Company?

Management Services Organizations (MSOs) are commercial entities that provide the administrative infrastructure, scale, and technology necessary for risk-taking organizations to operate effectively in their relationships with contracted payers and regulators. These organizations are designed to assist with the non-medical work involved in managing an office. MSOs can be owned by investors who are not healthcare providers, hospitals, physician groups, be a joint venture between a hospital and doctors, or even be owned by health plans. Under this subscription model, the customer or customer is the entity that owns or has direct oversight of the organization or system being managed, while the managed service provider (MSP) is the service provider that provides the managed services. The MSO may be highly specialized in a given field, or it could be a larger organization responsible for managing all the aspects necessary to run a medical practice.

In the new economy, IT manufacturers are currently transitioning from an immediate resale to a more personalized managed services offering. Management services organizations can help small or medium-sized healthcare facilities efficiently manage their management services. Additionally, the MSO will enter into an Management Services Agreement (MSA) with one or more offices or medical facilities that will form the basis of the business relationship (including management fees) between the MSO and the offices (discussed below).A strong MSO is attractive to the market, allowing the provider to focus on providing quality clinical care without the burden of administrative and management functions. Managed service companies (MSCs) differ from personal service companies (PSCs) in that MSCs manage and control business affairs, not the contractor.

Centralized administration or prescribing minimum standards for delegation to partners for services such as utilization and administration of care or provision of clinical guidelines allows MSOs to standardize services across a health system or other risk-bearing entity. Key Findings: MSOs provide a wide range of administrative and management services to providers that can standardize services across organizations, reduce duplication of services, and allow small practices to access services they might not otherwise be able to provide. Managing daily transportation processes and reducing related costs represent significant burdens requiring expertise from providers of managed transportation services (or managed transportation services). Healthcare facilities often sign contracts with management service organizations to help them outsource administrative tasks, which can help small or medium-sized centers efficiently serve their community. HR, payroll, and benefits issues alone require a lot of time and effort to manage properly; coding compliance and revenue cycle management consume much of a manager's time and effort; ensuring they receive the best prices for supplies and services in addition to all usual day-to-day activities can be overwhelming.

Furthermore, the Company undertakes to contract Public Business Administration Services with its Service Providers, which implies seven hundred fifty thousand shares (750,000) of restricted shares with registration rights in tow and demand. IT Services any service related to IT Systems or any other aspect of data processing or data transfer requirements of the Company or any of its Affiliates, including facilities management, office services, hardware maintenance, development or support of software, consulting, source code repository, recovery services and networks; from initial approach to remote server and network monitoring and management, scope of an MSP's services has expanded to include mobile device management, managed security, remote firewall management and security as a service, and managed print services. Specialized examples of a management services organization could be a company that performs only coding of medical records, or one that only manages electronic medical records (EHR).

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